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SHOTZ! is a theatrical pressure cooker that every month gives six groups two weeks to write, two weeks to rehearse, two hours to tech, and two chances to perform all-new short plays every first Monday of the month at the Kraine Theater in the East Village. Unified by three common criteria, each collection of plays captures a variety of perspectives around each month’s theme.

Shotz, Marry, Kill.

October 3rd

The Kraine Theater
85 E. 4th Street, NY, NY 10003
7:00pm & 8:30 PM
$12 includes a free beer!

Featuring Plays By:

Andrew Rincon | Susan Goodell | Liz Thaler
David Haan | Antonio Lyons | Amy Berryman

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Past Shotz

Turn Back The Shotz

September 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Andrew Rincón | Lizzie Vieh | David H Rosen | Arika Larson | Zac Hoogendyk | Amy Berryman

The Melting Shotz

June 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Morgan | Monet Hurst-Mendoza | Cherie Corinne Rice | Lizzie Vieh | David Rosen | Moses Villarama


May 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Lizzie Vieh | Seth McNeill | Arika Larson | Michael Sadler | Lauren Lubow | Zac Jaffee

Body Shotz 2: Spring Break!

April 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Lizzie Vieh | Brough Hansen | David H Rosen | Karen Rind-Siegel | Seth McNeill | Tom Picasso

Leap Shotz

February 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Mat Smart | David Rosen | Lizzie Vieh | Claire Brownell | Sam Hicks | Karen Rind-Siegel

Shotz of Cards

January 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Lizzie Vieh | David Jenkins | David Rosen | Sarah Nedwek | David Haan | Annie Worden

Shotz Unity

December 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Michael Sadler | Lizzie Vieh | Steve Monroe | Karen Rind-Siegel | David Jenkins | P. Seth Bauer

Shotz From The Crypt

November 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Sarah Pencheff | Kate MacCluggage Thompson | Lauren Lubow | W. Tré Davis | Lizzie Vieh | David Haan

Shotz: It's What's for Dinner

October 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Lindsay Joy | David L Williams | Adam Knight | Lizzie Vieh | Lauren Lubow | Jamie Menzies

Shotz: Live & In Concert!

September 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Lizzie Vieh | Justin Yorio | Ellen Haun | Liz Thaler | David H Rosen | Dan Loeser & Richard Thieriot

Shotz: The National Pastime

August 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Claire Brownell | Gianmarco Soresi | Jamie Menzies | Lizzie Vieh | W. Tré Davis | David Haan

Shotz For Justice

July 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Morgan | Lizzie Vieh | John Wright | Vichet Chum | David Rosen | Leslie Gauthier

The Shotz is the Message

June 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Zac Hoogendyk | Grace Connolly | Marc Wilson | Vichet Chum | Justin Yorio | Conor O'Brien

The Shotz Guide to Survival

May 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Monet Hurst-Mendoza | David Jenkins | Michael Sadler | Kia Sayyadi | and a Devised Piece by some Shotz Vets!

Connect the Shotz

April 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Kerry Kastin | David Haan | Liz Thaler | Sam Hicks | Leigh Williams | David Rosen

They're Playing Our Shotz

February 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Broken Box Mime Theater | Erin Mallon | Kerry McGuire | Allyson Morgan | David H Rosen | Kia Sayyadi

Shotz Noir

January 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Jona Tarlin | Garrett Zuercher | Eric Whitten | Fulvio | Zoe Farmingingdale | Zac Hoogendyk

It's the Most Wonderful Shotz of the Year!

December 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Erin Mallon | Kia Sayyadi | David Haan | Liz Thaler | Amy Kersten | Jona Tarlin

Awkaward Shotz

November 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

David Rosen | Sam Hicks | Kerry Kastin | Marc Wilson | Jamie Menzies | Matt Schneck

Shotz: There's a Time and Place For Everything

October 6th

Featuring Plays By:

P. Seth Bauer | Erin Mallon | Alex Hersler | Michael Fulvio | Zoe Farmingdale | Jason Grossman

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's Shotz!

September 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Justin Yorio | David Haan | Jona Tarlin | Mariah MacCarthy | Erin Mallon | Marc Wilson

You Call the Shotz: A Choose-Your-Own-Ending Adventure!

August 4th

Featuring Plays By:

David H. Rosen | Jona Tarlin | David L. Williams | David Jenkins | Liz Thaler | Leigh Williams

A Shotz is a Wish Your Heart Makes

July 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Logan Ford | Zac Hoogendyk | Alex Hersler | Vicki Ramirez | Allyson Morgan | Zoe Farmingdale

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Shotz!

June 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Thaler | Michael Grew | John Behlmann | Erin Mallon | Zac Jaffee | The Group Lab

Shotzo de Mayo!

May 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Emma Reaves | Olivia Wardwell | Jamie Menzies | David Jenkins | Lindsay Joy | David H. Rosen

Girls Just Want to Have Shotz!

April 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn | David Haan | Emma Reaves | Kelsey Didion & Laura Gragtmans | Justin Yorio | Leigh Williams

Shotz to the Future

March 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Zac Hoogendyk | Liz Morgan | Erin Mallon | Michael J Fulvio | as well as a devised piece

Shotz Through the Heart

February 10th

Featuring Plays By:

Steven Hughes | Allyson Morgan | Erin Mallon | David Haan | Kathleen Wallace | David H Rosen

Chicken Soul for the Shotz

January 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Emma Reaves | Lindsay Joy | Zac Hoogendyk | Marc Wilson | P. Seth Bauer

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Shotz?

December 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Vichet Chum | Adam Knight | Erin Mallon | David Rosen | Liz Thaler | Kathleen Wallace

Shotz of Thrones

November 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Nick Abeel/Kristin McCarthy Parker | Lindsay Joy | Daniel Loeser | David L. Williams | Liz Thaler | Richard Theriot

Seven Deadly Shotz

October 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Broken Box Mime Theater | Katie Fabel | Michael Fulvio | David Haan | Dan Loeser | Chris Mazza | Justin Yorio

Redacted Shotz

August 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Sevan Greene | Emma Reeves | David Rosen | Kathleen Wallace | David Haan | Tom Rowan

Lights! Camera! Shotz!

July 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Garrett Zuercher | P. Seth Bauer | Zac Jaffee | Lindsay Joy Murphy | Logan Ford | and a devised piece by Nick Abeel, Jenna Meade Panther, Paul Kite, Aaron Ballard, and Ben Charles

Around the Shotz in 80 Days

June 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Thaler | David Haan | Michael J. Fulvio | Katie Fabel
Kathleen Wallace | Jamie Menzies

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Shotz!

May 6th

Featuring Plays By:

David L. Williams | David H. Rosen | Adam E. Douglas | Emma Reaves | Michael J. Fulvio | Chris Mazza

Shhhhhhotz: A Shotz Without Words

April 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Garret Zuercher | Zoe Farmingdale | Paul Kite | Justin Yorio
Emma Reaves | Matthew Ellis Murphy

hosted by: Broken Box Mime Theater

Beware the Shotz of March

March 4th

Featuring Plays By:

The LabRats | Nick Abeel | Richard Aven | Vichet Chum
Zac Hoogendyk | Michael Fulvio

Shotz and Ladders

February 4th

Featuring Plays By:

James Menzies | Dan Loeser | Leigh Williams | Patrick Goss
Kathleen Wallace | Kerry McGuire

The Empire Shotz Back

January 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Mark Snyder | Kathleen Wallace | Michael J. Fulvio
Dan Loeser | Chris Mazza | Kevin Brewer

License to Shotz

December 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Broken Box Mime Theater | Rachel Dart & Eric March | Allyson Morgan | Vichet Chum | Katie Fabel | Jamie Menzies

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Shotz!

A collaboration with Sans A Productions!

November 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Kate MacCluggage | P Seth Bauer | Kathleen Wallace
David Rosen | Zac Jaffee

Folsom Prison Shotz

October 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Katie Fabel | Zoe Farmingdale | Chris Mazza | Lindsay Joy Murphy
Kathleen Wallace | David L. Williams

Green Eggs and Shotz

September 3rd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Justin Yorio | Jamie Menzies | Nick Abeel | Lindsay Joy |
Vichet Chum | David Rosen

Shotz: Revenge of the Son of Shotz

August 6th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Marty Brown | Chris Hejl | Chris Mazza | Allyson Morgan |
David H Rosen | Tom Rowan

Shotz: Romancing the Shotz

July 2nd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

The Mad Ones | Joseph Yeargain | Khris Lewin | Zoe Farmingdale | Laura Jo Schuster | Lindsay Joy Murphy


June 4th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

John Behlmann | Justin Yorio | Pat Shand | Sevan Keloustian |
P. Seth Bauer | Isaac Oliver | David Jenkins

Shotz: Greek Shotzology

May 7th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Zoe Farmingdale | Nick Abeel | David Rosen | Mat Smart |
Khris Lewin | Broken Box Mime Theater

Shotz: Shotz in the Dark

April 2nd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Tom Rowan | Brent Rose | Allyson Morgan | David Rosen |
Lindsay Joy | David L. Williams

Shotz: Money $hotz!

March 5th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Stacy Davidowitz | Lindsay Joy | Cara Hall | Chad Callaghan | John DiAntonio | Richard Thieriot

Shotz: Slap Shotz

February 6th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Zoe Farmingdale | David Rosen | Cara Hall | Justin Yorio | James Menzies

Shotz: Shotz Lang Syne

January 2nd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Patrick Goss | David Rosen | Cara Hall | Chad Callaghan | James Menzies | Lindsay Joy

Shotz: Shotzin' Around the Christmas Tree

December 5th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

David L. Williams | Nick Abeel | Stacy Davidowitz | Chad Callaghan | James Menzies | Lindsay Joy

Shotz: Shotz to the Rescue!

November 7th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Michael J. Fulvio | Pat Shand | David Rosen | Vince Nappo | James Menzies | Lindsay Joy

Shotz: Shotz vs. New York

October 3rd 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Madeline Chilese | Zac Jaffee | James Menzies | David Rosen | John Behlmann | Doug Harmsen

Shotz: Shotz Don't Stop!

September 5th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

John Behlmann | Stacy Davidowitz | David Williams | David Rosen | Jamie Menzies | Pat Shand

Shotz: Body Shotz!

August 1st 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Kate MacCluggage | James Menzies | Justin Yorio | Irene Borland | David Rosen

Shotz: Uncle Shotz Wants YOU!

June 27th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

David Rosen | John Behlmann | Pat Shand | Michael J. Fulvio | David L. Williams | Cat Loerke

Shotz: Shotz is Busting Out All Over!

June 6th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Dan Loeser | Nick Abeel | Kendra Celeste Hughes | Kate MacCluggage | Justin Yorio | Matt Schneck

Shotz: Once Upon a Shotz

May 2nd 2011

Featuring Plays By:

David L. Williams | Pat Shand | Zac Jaffee | Justin Yorio | Irene Borland | Sean Lyons

Shotz: Shotzing the Future!

April 4th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Ivan Lopez | Kendra Celeste Hughes | Melissa Lyons | David L. Williams | John Pieza | Daniel Loeser

Shotz: Parting Shotz

March 7th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Daniel Loeser | John Behlmann | Michael J. Fulvio | Kate MacCluggage | Steven Cole Hughes | Chris Mazza

Shotz: WikiLoveLullabye!

February 7th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Ivan Lopez | Tom Rowan | Irene Borland | Pat Shand | Justin Yorio | Joseph Yeargain

Shotz: Shotzenfreude

January 3rd 2011

Featuring Plays By:

John Behlmann | Kate MacCluggage | Kendra Hughes | Pat Shand | Joe Curnutte | Michael J. Fulvio

and many more...