art and music in our souls

SHOTZ! is a theatrical pressure cooker that every month gives six groups two weeks to write, two weeks to rehearse, two hours to tech, and two chances to perform all-new short plays every first Monday of the month at the Kraine Theater in the East Village. Unified by three common criteria, each collection of plays captures a variety of perspectives around each month’s theme.

Shotz will Return in April! Check out First Draughts throughout March!

First Draughts

March 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th

D-Lounge @ Daryl Roth Theaters
101 East 15th Street, NY, NY 10003
All readings are free of charge and open to the public, but reservations are encouraged due to limited seating.
RSVP to with dates you will attend.

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Thaler & Erik Saxvik | Michael Sadler | Lizzie Vieh | Liz Morgan

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Past Shotz

Leap Shotz

February 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Mat Smart | David Rosen | Lizzie Vieh | Claire Brownell | Sam Hicks | Karen Rind-Siegel

Shotz of Cards

January 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Lizzie Vieh | David Jenkins | David Rosen | Sarah Nedwek | David Haan | Annie Worden

Shotz Unity

December 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Michael Sadler | Lizzie Vieh | Steve Monroe | Karen Rind-Siegel | David Jenkins | P. Seth Bauer

Shotz From The Crypt

November 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Sarah Pencheff | Kate MacCluggage Thompson | Lauren Lubow | W. Tré Davis | Lizzie Vieh | David Haan

Shotz: It's What's for Dinner

October 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Lindsay Joy | David L Williams | Adam Knight | Lizzie Vieh | Lauren Lubow | Jamie Menzies

Shotz: Live & In Concert!

September 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Lizzie Vieh | Justin Yorio | Ellen Haun | Liz Thaler | David H Rosen | Dan Loeser & Richard Thieriot

Shotz: The National Pastime

August 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Claire Brownell | Gianmarco Soresi | Jamie Menzies | Lizzie Vieh | W. Tré Davis | David Haan

Shotz For Justice

July 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Morgan | Lizzie Vieh | John Wright | Vichet Chum | David Rosen | Leslie Gauthier

The Shotz is the Message

June 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Zac Hoogendyk | Grace Connolly | Marc Wilson | Vichet Chum | Justin Yorio | Conor O'Brien

The Shotz Guide to Survival

May 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Monet Hurst-Mendoza | David Jenkins | Michael Sadler | Kia Sayyadi | and a Devised Piece by some Shotz Vets!

Connect the Shotz

April 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Kerry Kastin | David Haan | Liz Thaler | Sam Hicks | Leigh Williams | David Rosen

They're Playing Our Shotz

February 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Broken Box Mime Theater | Erin Mallon | Kerry McGuire | Allyson Morgan | David H Rosen | Kia Sayyadi

Shotz Noir

January 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Jona Tarlin | Garrett Zuercher | Eric Whitten | Fulvio | Zoe Farmingingdale | Zac Hoogendyk

It's the Most Wonderful Shotz of the Year!

December 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Erin Mallon | Kia Sayyadi | David Haan | Liz Thaler | Amy Kersten | Jona Tarlin

Awkaward Shotz

November 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

David Rosen | Sam Hicks | Kerry Kastin | Marc Wilson | Jamie Menzies | Matt Schneck

Shotz: There's a Time and Place For Everything

October 6th

Featuring Plays By:

P. Seth Bauer | Erin Mallon | Alex Hersler | Michael Fulvio | Zoe Farmingdale | Jason Grossman

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's Shotz!

September 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Justin Yorio | David Haan | Jona Tarlin | Mariah MacCarthy | Erin Mallon | Marc Wilson

You Call the Shotz: A Choose-Your-Own-Ending Adventure!

August 4th

Featuring Plays By:

David H. Rosen | Jona Tarlin | David L. Williams | David Jenkins | Liz Thaler | Leigh Williams

A Shotz is a Wish Your Heart Makes

July 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Logan Ford | Zac Hoogendyk | Alex Hersler | Vicki Ramirez | Allyson Morgan | Zoe Farmingdale

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Shotz!

June 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Thaler | Michael Grew | John Behlmann | Erin Mallon | Zac Jaffee | The Group Lab

Shotzo de Mayo!

May 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Emma Reaves | Olivia Wardwell | Jamie Menzies | David Jenkins | Lindsay Joy | David H. Rosen

Girls Just Want to Have Shotz!

April 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn | David Haan | Emma Reaves | Kelsey Didion & Laura Gragtmans | Justin Yorio | Leigh Williams

Shotz to the Future

March 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Zac Hoogendyk | Liz Morgan | Erin Mallon | Michael J Fulvio | as well as a devised piece

Shotz Through the Heart

February 10th

Featuring Plays By:

Steven Hughes | Allyson Morgan | Erin Mallon | David Haan | Kathleen Wallace | David H Rosen

Chicken Soul for the Shotz

January 6th

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Emma Reaves | Lindsay Joy | Zac Hoogendyk | Marc Wilson | P. Seth Bauer

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Shotz?

December 2nd

Featuring Plays By:

Vichet Chum | Adam Knight | Erin Mallon | David Rosen | Liz Thaler | Kathleen Wallace

Shotz of Thrones

November 4th

Featuring Plays By:

Nick Abeel/Kristin McCarthy Parker | Lindsay Joy | Daniel Loeser | David L. Williams | Liz Thaler | Richard Theriot

Seven Deadly Shotz

October 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Broken Box Mime Theater | Katie Fabel | Michael Fulvio | David Haan | Dan Loeser | Chris Mazza | Justin Yorio

Redacted Shotz

August 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Sevan Greene | Emma Reeves | David Rosen | Kathleen Wallace | David Haan | Tom Rowan

Lights! Camera! Shotz!

July 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Garrett Zuercher | P. Seth Bauer | Zac Jaffee | Lindsay Joy Murphy | Logan Ford | and a devised piece by Nick Abeel, Jenna Meade Panther, Paul Kite, Aaron Ballard, and Ben Charles

Around the Shotz in 80 Days

June 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Liz Thaler | David Haan | Michael J. Fulvio | Katie Fabel
Kathleen Wallace | Jamie Menzies

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Shotz!

May 6th

Featuring Plays By:

David L. Williams | David H. Rosen | Adam E. Douglas | Emma Reaves | Michael J. Fulvio | Chris Mazza

Shhhhhhotz: A Shotz Without Words

April 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Garret Zuercher | Zoe Farmingdale | Paul Kite | Justin Yorio
Emma Reaves | Matthew Ellis Murphy

hosted by: Broken Box Mime Theater

Beware the Shotz of March

March 4th

Featuring Plays By:

The LabRats | Nick Abeel | Richard Aven | Vichet Chum
Zac Hoogendyk | Michael Fulvio

Shotz and Ladders

February 4th

Featuring Plays By:

James Menzies | Dan Loeser | Leigh Williams | Patrick Goss
Kathleen Wallace | Kerry McGuire

The Empire Shotz Back

January 7th

Featuring Plays By:

Mark Snyder | Kathleen Wallace | Michael J. Fulvio
Dan Loeser | Chris Mazza | Kevin Brewer

License to Shotz

December 3rd

Featuring Plays By:

Broken Box Mime Theater | Rachel Dart & Eric March | Allyson Morgan | Vichet Chum | Katie Fabel | Jamie Menzies

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Shotz!

A collaboration with Sans A Productions!

November 5th

Featuring Plays By:

Jamie Menzies | Kate MacCluggage | P Seth Bauer | Kathleen Wallace
David Rosen | Zac Jaffee

Folsom Prison Shotz

October 1st

Featuring Plays By:

Katie Fabel | Zoe Farmingdale | Chris Mazza | Lindsay Joy Murphy
Kathleen Wallace | David L. Williams

Green Eggs and Shotz

September 3rd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Justin Yorio | Jamie Menzies | Nick Abeel | Lindsay Joy |
Vichet Chum | David Rosen

Shotz: Revenge of the Son of Shotz

August 6th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Marty Brown | Chris Hejl | Chris Mazza | Allyson Morgan |
David H Rosen | Tom Rowan

Shotz: Romancing the Shotz

July 2nd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

The Mad Ones | Joseph Yeargain | Khris Lewin | Zoe Farmingdale | Laura Jo Schuster | Lindsay Joy Murphy


June 4th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

John Behlmann | Justin Yorio | Pat Shand | Sevan Keloustian |
P. Seth Bauer | Isaac Oliver | David Jenkins

Shotz: Greek Shotzology

May 7th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Zoe Farmingdale | Nick Abeel | David Rosen | Mat Smart |
Khris Lewin | Broken Box Mime Theater

Shotz: Shotz in the Dark

April 2nd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Tom Rowan | Brent Rose | Allyson Morgan | David Rosen |
Lindsay Joy | David L. Williams

Shotz: Money $hotz!

March 5th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Stacy Davidowitz | Lindsay Joy | Cara Hall | Chad Callaghan | John DiAntonio | Richard Thieriot

Shotz: Slap Shotz

February 6th 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Zoe Farmingdale | David Rosen | Cara Hall | Justin Yorio | James Menzies

Shotz: Shotz Lang Syne

January 2nd 2012

Featuring Plays By:

Patrick Goss | David Rosen | Cara Hall | Chad Callaghan | James Menzies | Lindsay Joy

Shotz: Shotzin' Around the Christmas Tree

December 5th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

David L. Williams | Nick Abeel | Stacy Davidowitz | Chad Callaghan | James Menzies | Lindsay Joy

Shotz: Shotz to the Rescue!

November 7th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Michael J. Fulvio | Pat Shand | David Rosen | Vince Nappo | James Menzies | Lindsay Joy

Shotz: Shotz vs. New York

October 3rd 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Madeline Chilese | Zac Jaffee | James Menzies | David Rosen | John Behlmann | Doug Harmsen

Shotz: Shotz Don't Stop!

September 5th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

John Behlmann | Stacy Davidowitz | David Williams | David Rosen | Jamie Menzies | Pat Shand

Shotz: Body Shotz!

August 1st 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Kate MacCluggage | James Menzies | Justin Yorio | Irene Borland | David Rosen

Shotz: Uncle Shotz Wants YOU!

June 27th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

David Rosen | John Behlmann | Pat Shand | Michael J. Fulvio | David L. Williams | Cat Loerke

Shotz: Shotz is Busting Out All Over!

June 6th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Dan Loeser | Nick Abeel | Kendra Celeste Hughes | Kate MacCluggage | Justin Yorio | Matt Schneck

Shotz: Once Upon a Shotz

May 2nd 2011

Featuring Plays By:

David L. Williams | Pat Shand | Zac Jaffee | Justin Yorio | Irene Borland | Sean Lyons

Shotz: Shotzing the Future!

April 4th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Ivan Lopez | Kendra Celeste Hughes | Melissa Lyons | David L. Williams | John Pieza | Daniel Loeser

Shotz: Parting Shotz

March 7th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Daniel Loeser | John Behlmann | Michael J. Fulvio | Kate MacCluggage | Steven Cole Hughes | Chris Mazza

Shotz: WikiLoveLullabye!

February 7th 2011

Featuring Plays By:

Ivan Lopez | Tom Rowan | Irene Borland | Pat Shand | Justin Yorio | Joseph Yeargain

Shotz: Shotzenfreude

January 3rd 2011

Featuring Plays By:

John Behlmann | Kate MacCluggage | Kendra Hughes | Pat Shand | Joe Curnutte | Michael J. Fulvio

and many more...